Inspiration from true life experience.


Our Private War (c) Jerry Gilmore - Julie Gay Publishing Co., BMI

Storms rollin' in, pain again today
I can feel the anger, every word you say
Two headstrong people, stubborn to the core..
We've been here so many times,
Our Private War..

It could be the smallest thing, that starts the rage
A difference of opinion, that heats up the stage..
When you turn to anger, I turn toward the door..
Here we go it starts again, Our Private War..
Our Private War - I don't want to fight you anymore
'cause I don't even know, what we're fighting for,
In Our Private War, Our Private War.
You hit all the nerves, there's fire 'neath my skin.
I shut down, go silent - in my shell once again.
If that's what it's all about, we don't have to go this far.
I surrender, wave the flag - To end Our Private War.

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