It's an 'extra part' that many of us don't need. If you don't have yours - YOU can relate!


Now, when the Lord made us, he gave us extra parts,
Not your brain your backbone, your stomach, or, your heart.
Extra is like extra things, if you lose it just won't matter,
Like appendix, tonsils, and adenosis, this thing The Gallbladder.
Now, The Gallbladder, they say, helps with our digestion
So we can eat hot chicken wings, don't worry about indegestion
It holds bile, in a ballon, just like a sack
It gives it out in dribs and drabs, there's no heartburn attack.
It's a Pesky Old Gallbladder, this thing that just don't matter
Like tonsils, appendix and a thing called your spline
It's A Pesky Old Gallbladder, your diet will not matter
You can eat chicken and greasy hot chicken wings,
Those kinds of food will never matter
You just don't need that Pesky Old Gallbladder.
I had finished my steak and cheese, seven-thirty that night.
By nine-thirty-five, I just wasn't feeling right (sicker than a dog)
Something was bad, in the morning it won't matter,
At midnight to the ER taking out my old Gallbladder.
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